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We Are Veil Healthcare Solutions

We manufacture protective faceshields


Available Colors

It is paramount to protect your face  

would you take a chance?

  • Our goal is to provide 1,50,000 people with our faceshield 100% 100%

Our Products

Our products are engineered to minimize exposure to water droplets when Interacting socially or attending to a patient

Veil visor v1

125 micron PET sheet for visor

Injection moulded PP frame



veil visor v2

200 micron PET sheet for visor

Injection moulded PP frame



veil visor v3

250 micron PET sheet for visor

Injection moulded PP frame




Breathable and Well Ventilated

The visor is designed to have ample space between face and PET sheet and gives enough room for air to circulate


Easy to Wear

The strapless design makes it easy to slide in and out of your head. Even people with glasses can wear them without any discomfort


Durable and Reusable

The frame is made with Poly propylene(used in buckets) and the sheet is made with PET(bottle material). It will last for months. Don’t fold the PET sheet.


Light weight

The light weight plastic frame makes it easy to wear the shield for extended periods of time. After a while, you will not even notice its on your head


Easy to clean

Just wipe with sanitizer or dip the faceshield in soap water. You can follow any other standard sterlization methods



Our faceshield design has gaps on the front portion of the shield to let breathed out air to escape, preventing fogs on the PET sheet


Made from recyclable plastic

Plastic in the face shield can be easily recycled to make another product. 


Stylish design

The design is catchy with hidden seams and attractive colours. 


Custom branding available

We have left a space for your firm to advertise their name. Drop us a call to get the quote

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 “Veil visors are one of the best faceshields available in the market .They have listened to feedback from doctors and have done several amendments to their initial design, making them comfortable while being light weight and effective against pathogens “

Shaji P

“These Face Shields are one of the highest quality available. There are comfortable to wear. The double masking protection on the face shield ensures that we will not be receiving Face Shields with any scratches

Arvind K Jayan

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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